I love Ryukyuan textiles. Amami Oshima tsumugi, Bashoufu, orimono from Kume-jima are the best. This looks like a lovely simple site about Ryukyuan textiles.
"The islands in Okinawa area have very rich textile culture. There are numerous methods to decorate textiles in Okinawa,such as Bingata Dyeing and ikat weaving. Using various materials, for example basho-fu and Yaeyama Jo-fu and Hanaori in silk. Most of these small islands have their own style and materials of weaving and dyeing."

oki yo! Blog
Two cousins embark on a mission to research the music and culture of the motherland: Okinawa Island, Japan. One a recent high-school graduate in search of like-minded Okinawan indie rockers, one a not-so-recent college graduate in search of the native cultural roots of those modern musicians. Both looking for a way to not enter the workforce for three more months.

Urasoe western beach

My name is Akihiro Inafuku.I'm okinawan.
so Now I send e-mail to you for teach "Urasoe weastern beach".
This place is paradice whatever this is in city.
beautiful nature,seaside. you can't think this place is in city.
but Urasoe citizen don't know about this place.
and Urasoe city try to destroy this beautiful seaside for road and earn.

If you have intaresting to this beachside.please visit seaside.

By tha why I update it to youtube.
If you need information please watch it.

Thank you.
editor's note: Much of the natural seaside of Okinawa has been "developed" by construction companies that have erected concrete seawalls everywhere. This beach is still in a somewhat natural state because of its proximity to Camp Kinser

Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai

from Tom Corrao:
Hello Friends,
As Goodwill Ambassador to the Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai I have taken on the role of spreading the word about our web site and YouTube video site. I just wanted to let you know that new videos have been added to the you tube sight of the Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai.
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Ishigaki Island web site

I'm a British guy who has moved to the island of Ishigaki with my Japanese
wife. I'm currently building a website about the island. I've only been
doing it for a couple of months so far, but so far it's progressing quite
well. --Richard

Ishigaki island is part of the Yaeyama archipelago and its city is the southernmost of all cities in Japan. Despite being part of the prefecture of Okinawa, Ishigaki city is located 411km from its capital, Naha city.

Planet Oki

I received this from Michael Monroy and Astro:
wassup yall this is the planet oki homepage. we a movement, we are going to take over the internet world. give okinawa that recognition, where we grew up at. have oki artist uploaded on this page, oki'graff artist, oki dancers, anythin with oki on it is gettin put on here, right now im workin on this page. keep tune check out planet oki's emcees

“Himeyuri” in Portland

1) About documentary film “HIMEYURI”
Excerpts from the official website of documentary film “Himeyuri”
This film documents the testimony of a group of World War II survivors, young women later known as the 'Himeyuri Students'. They speak of their harrowing experiences and their friends who committed suicide in the Battle of Okinawa.

Remote islands at Japan's southernmost extreme, Okinawa was the battleground in fighting between U.S. and Japanese forces during the last months of World War II. More than 120,000 Okinawans lost their lives in these battles, many of the Himeyuri Students among them.
222 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 were mobilized to the front to act as nursing aides, without any prior training. The hospital where they worked, situated on a battlefield with shells flying overhead, had no Red Cross flag for protection.
In the end, surrounded by U.S. forces, the students were dismissed by the Japanese military. Many of these students were killed in the war, not only in battle but also by their own hand, refusing to be taken prisoner. In total, 123 girls lost their lives.
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