Okinawa Travel Summary

Okinawan noodle houseTourism is Okinawa's largest industry. Okinawa prefecture is host to nearly 5.5 million visitors a year who spend nearly 6 billion US dollars annually.Okinawa is the primary resort vacation destination for Japanese travelers. Tourists can enjoy an ancient culture with 9 world heritage sites, a strong crafts tradition in ceramics, textiles, and glass, a lively contemporary music scene, breathtaking empty beaches and crowded old world market places.
Travel on Okinawa and mainland Japan is extremely safe. Okinawans are known for their culture of courtesy. Food, water, and facilities are hygenic.Tipping is not a Japanese custom.
While the tourism infrastructure is extremely well developed, it is primarily targetted to the Japanese visitor.Foreign visitors should not expect English to be spoken in most establishments.Okinawans have a mixed relationship with Americans because of the large and long American military presence on the island.

Okinawa is good place to smile. A smile, a nod and a hello or "kon nichi wa" to an Okinawan invariably elicits a similiar response and changes the experience of being on the island. --editor

Okinawa Explorer, A complete guidebook to Okinawa The best English language guide book for Okinawa by Kenny Ehman ISBN 0-9768462-0-9.

Naha International Airport Primary civilian airport with monorail access to Naha. Airport code - OKA (don't confuse Naha, Okinawa with Naha, Indonesia)

Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau

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All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Japan Airlines (JAL)

Japan Air Systems (JAS)

Japan Transocean Air (JTA)

Air Nippon (ANK)

Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC)

Air Dolphin

Asiana Airlines

China Airlines

China Eastern Airlines

Philippine Airlines

Sightseeing Info

Sightseeing Info

(information gleaned from various Okinawan travel publications)

Museums and Folkcraft Centers

Awamori Masahiro Gallery
Address: 5-8-1 Nishizaki Itoman-shi
Telephone:  (098) 994-8080

Bashofu Hall
Address: 1103 Kijoyoka Ogimi-son
Telephone:  (0980) 44-3033
Closed Sundays and National Holidays.

Ginoza Museum
Address: 232 Ginoza Ginoza-son
Telephone:  (098) 968-4378

Himeyuri Peace Prayer and Memorial Museum
Address: 671-1 Ihara Itoman-shi
Telephone:  (098) 997-2100

Hirara City Comprehensive Museum
Address: 1166-287 Higashi-Nakasonezoe Hirara-shi
Telephone:  (098) 073-0567
Closed Mondays and National Holidays.

Ishigaki City Yaeyama Museum
Address: 4-1 Tonoshiro Ishigaki-shi
Telephone:  (098) 082-4712

Ishikawa City History and Folklore Museum
Address: 2865-1 Ishikawa Ishikawa-shi
Telephone:  (098) 965-3866

Kihoin Temple Shushuin Treasure House
Address: 108 Taketomi Taketomi-cho Yaeyama-gun
Telephone:  (098) 085-2202

Kyoei Glasswork Factory
Address: 85 Fuchaku Onna-son
Telephone:  (098) 965-3090

Moromi Folklore Hall
Address: 3-11-10 Moromi Zato Okinawa-shi
Telephone:  (098) 932-0028

Motobu Town Museum
Address: 847-1 Ohama Motobu-cho
Telephone:  (0980) 47-5217

Nago Museum
Address: 1-8-11 Agaire Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 53-1342
Closed Mondays and holidays.

Nago Shellfish Exhibition Hall
Address: 1004 Miyazato Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 53-7501

Naha City Traditional Craft Center
Address: 1-1 Toma Naha-shi
Telephone:  (098) 858-6655

Nakagusuku Castle Museum
Address: 563 Oshiro Kitanakagusuku-son
Telephone:  (098) 935-3347

The Nakamura's Residence
Address: 106 Oshiro Kitanakagusuku-son
Telephone:  (098) 935-3500

Nakijin Village History and Culture Center
Address: 5110 Imadomari Nakijin-son
Telephone:  (0980) 56-5767

Okinawa City Hometown Museum
Address: 235-3 Uechi Okinawa-shi
Telephone:  (098) 932-6882
Closed Mondays and National Holidays.

Okinawa Craft Village
Address: 6203-1 Onna Onna-son
Telephone:  (098) 966-2910

Okinawa Peace Prayer and Memorial Hall
Address: 448-2 Mabuni Itoman-shi
Telephone:  (098) 997-3011

Okinawa Prefectural Museum
Address: 1-1 Shuri Onaka-cho Naha-shi
Telephone:  (098) 884-2243
Closed Mondays and National Holidays.

Okinawa Shellfish Specimen Hall
Address: 486 Kushi Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 55-2153

Prefectural Peace Prayer and Memorial Museum
Address: 604 Mabuni Itoman-shi
Telephone:  (098) 997-2874

Ryukyu Glasswork Village
Address: 169 Fukuchi Itoman-shi
Telephone:  (098) 997-4784

Ryukyu no Yakata
Address: 5-11-2 Nishizaki Itoman-shi
Telephone:  (098) 992-1000

Sakima Art Museum
Address: 358 Uehara Ginowan-shi
Telephone:  (098) 893-5737

Address: 1-3 Shuri Kinjo-cho Naha-shi
Telephone:  (098) 885-2861

Tropical Nature Museum
Address: 527 Yonehara Ishigaki-shi
Telephone:  (098) 088-2124

Urasoe City Art Museum
Address: 1330 Nakama Urasoe-shi
Telephone:  (098) 879-3219

Yomitan Village Art Museum
Address: 708-6 Zakimi Yomitan-son
Telephone:  (098) 958-2254
Closed Mondays and National Holidays.

Yomitan Village History and Folklore Museum
Address: 708-4 Zakimi Yomitan-son
Telephone:  (098) 958-3141
Closed Mondays and National Holidays.

Yomitan Village Traditional Craft Center
Address: 2974-2 Zakimi Yomitan-son
Telephone:  (098) 958-4674
Closed Sundays and National Holidays.

Sightseeing Spots

Busena Resort (Underwater Tower)
Address:  1744-1 Kise-busenabaru Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 52-3379

Chinen Marine Leisure Center
Address: 676 Kudeken Chinen-son
Telephone:  (098) 948-3355

Dogashima Orchid Center
Address:  961-30 Kadekaru Ishikawa-shi
Telephone:  (098) 965-3400

The Former Japanese Navy's Headquarters 
in the Underground Shelter
Address: 236 Tomigusuku Tomigusuku-son
Telephone:  (098) 850-4055

Fukushu-en (Chinese-Style Garden)
Address:  2-29 Kume Naha-shi
Telephone:  (098) 869-5384

Gyokusendo Kingdom Village & Habu Park
Address: 1336 Maekawa Tamagusuku-son
Telephone:  (098) 949-7421

Himeyuri Park
Address: 1300 Maehira Itoman-shi
Telephone:  (098) 997-3111

Kin Kannodera Limestone Cave
Address:  222 Kin Kin-cho
Telephone:  (098) 968-8581

Address:  1-12 Shuri Tobaru Naha-shi
Telephone:  (098) 885-1690

Mexican Cactus Park Sarabanda
Address: 1010 Odo Itoman-shi
Telephone:  (098) 997-3355

Mogulin (Underwater 30m Cruise)
Address:  Marina in Sun Marina Hotel, Onna-son
Telephone:  (098) 964-5555

Nago Paradise
Address:  1774 Koki Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 52-6262

Nago Pineapple Fields
Address:  1195-1 Bimnata Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 53-3659

Nakagusuku Castle Park
Address:  503 Oshiro Kitanakagusuku-son
Telephone:  (098) 935-5719

Nakijin Castle 
Address:  4874 Imadomari Nakijin-son
Telephone:  (0980) 56-4400

Nankai Okoku Ryukyu no Kaze
Address:  1040 Takashiho Yomitan-son
Telephone:  (098) 958-1111

Neo Park Okinawa
Address:  4607-41 Nago Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 52-6348

Okinawa Children's Park (Island Park)
Address:  5-7-1 Goya Okinawa-shi
Telephone:  (098) 933-4190
Closed Tuesdays.

Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park 
(Oceanic Culture Pavilion, Aquarium, Tropical Dream Center)
Address:  424 Ishikawa Motobu-Cho
Telephone:  (0980) 48-2743
Closed on Thursdays.

Okinawa Expo Land 
Address:  148 Bise Motobu-cho
Telephone:  (0980) 48-2980

Okinawa Fruits Land
Address:  1220-71 Bimata Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 52-1568

Orion Beer Factory
Address:  2-2-1 Agaire Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 52-2136
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays.

Ostrich Farm 
Address:  309 Heshiki Nakijin-son
Telephone:  (0980) 56-5608

Paradise Ryugu-jo of Herbs and Butterflies
Address:  390-1 Yamakawa Motobu-cho
Telephone:  (0980) 48-3456

Pineapple House
Address: 684-1 Kyomizu Naha-shi
Telephone:  (098) 858-9009

Ryukyu Village
Address:  1130 Yamada Onna-son
Telephone:  (098) 965-1234

Address: 421-7 Maji Naha-shi
Telephone:  (098) 855-5936

Shuri Castle Park
Address:  1-1 Shuri Kinjo-cho Naha-shi
Telephone:  (098) 886-2020

Southeast Botanical Garden
Address:  2146 Chibana Okinawa-shi
Telephone:  (098) 939-2555

Tomishiro Castle Park
Address: 863 Tomigukusu Tomigusuku-son
Telephone:  (098) 850-0031

Water Sightseeing Boat "Naha" 
Address:  3-25-1 Maejima Naha-shi
Telephone:  (098) 869-4701

Wine House
Address:  1195-1 Bimata Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 53-3659

Yanabaru Sub-tropical Park
Address:  1024-1 Nakayama Nago-shi
Telephone:  (0980) 53-0007