Okinawa Goya Project 2011

Kevin Maher, U.S. diplomat and former Director of Japanese Affairs, made discriminatory remarks towards the Okinawan people, stating that they are too lazy [to make goya] and accusing them of manipulation and distortion. With that said, this angered many Okinawans, and some people have stood up to prove him wrong. For more information, visit Okinawa Goya Project 2011 website:

DOR39 Founded as a part of Discover Okinawa Promotion Project for Island Tourism, DOR39 collects and displays photos, videos, and other media from voluntary participants with the purpose of sharing their island experiences and bringing more visitors to 39 islands off of Okinawa. For more information, here's an article from Ryukyu Shimpo in English:

Asian ingredients x Okinawan cuisines

Okinawa International Aerial Logistics Hub brings you Okianwan - Asian fusion cuisine recipes: Includes Asian Fishermen's Champuru Pot (Okinawa x Shanghai x China); Chapuru with Okinawan Tofu, Beef, and Kimchi (Okinawa x Korea); Sweet and Sour Champuru Double-Lined Fusilier and Water Spinach (Okinawa x Shanghai); Okinawan Noodle Champuru with Bak Choy (Okinawa x Shanghai); XO Sauce Champuru with Bitter Melon and Mantis Shrimp (Okinawa x Hong Kong); and Cream Champuru with Pineapples and Prawns (Okinawa x Thailand)