Okinawa Suba (Soba)

We usually use commercial Soba (noodle), but home made noodle must be very good, so we would like to introduce how to make home-made noodle as well.

Home-made noodle
Ingredients for noodle for 5 people
Water 200cc, baking soda 1 tablespoon, salt 1 tablespoon, egg 1, hard flour 400g

1) Put baking soda, salt and egg into the bowl and put water a little by little and mix it with eggbeater until mix well.

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Book Review for

This book was written by Dr. (medical) and Prof. Kazuhiko Taira, Department of Tourism at Ryukyu University (former National University). As written in the title, this tome takes the fact that Okinawa Prefecture is the longevity capital (prefecture or state) of the world, and attributes this fact to something that we can learn from older people.
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Adoption in Okinawa, Part 2

This is part two in a series on Adoption in Okinawa. Last article we reviewed information offered by the US bases and an international adoption support group on island. In this installment, we tackle off-base services involved in the legal process of adoption, providing some links to google translated pages.
Topics include;
1) Immigration concerns
2) Legal processes in Japan for adoption
3) Links to Okinawan orphanages.
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