10/25 Karate Day

Ryukyu traditions of Okinawa-te (沖縄手) or Kara-te (唐手) were officially recognized as Karate(空手) in October 25th, 1936.October 25th became the designated " Karate Day" to pray for the expansion of traditional Karate, world peace and happiness since 2005. This year, the first Memorial Karate Demonstration Ceremony was held in a plaza in front of Palette Kumoji, Naha City. Approximately 50 people representing 4 groups showing kata (型) such as seisan and saichen. We pray that Okinawa's traditional karate will continuously contribute to world peace and happiness.

Shurijo Castle Festival 2011

Running from October 28th to November 3rd, The Shurijo Castle Festival includes traditional performing art (Ryukyu Buyo dancing) of the Ryukyu Kingdom as well as performances from other local areas, 10,000 Candles illuminating the Shurijo Castle, a Local Foods exhibition, and the Royal Procession Parade representing a picture scroll of the Ryukyu Dynasty march. Continue reading

RYUKYU Folk Festival, All-Island Hatagashira Festival

Oct 26th – 28th (FRI - SUN)
You can see many Okinawan folk entertainments like Eisa dance, Ryukyu fork dance, and Karate there. It’s a one of the most magnificent festival in Okinawa. The number of the all cast is over 3,000. The highlight of the festival, Hatagashira, is a sport and tradition of balancing enormous flagpoles with heavy decorations at the top. At the end of the festival, people will dance Kacya-shi to give glory to the last of the festival. You can join the dance!!
PLACE / Ohonoyama Park & Naha Shin-toshin Park
INFO / RYUKYU Festival Organizing Committee
      URL http://www.minsai.jp/
      TEL 098-859-4122