Shurijo Castle Park Moon Viewing and Banquet 2007

Sep 28th - 30th (FRI - SUN)
Held annually on August 15 of the lunar calendar, the event reproduces the Mid-Autumn Banquet, one of seven banquets held to entertain envoys from China. Ukanshin odori and Kumiodori (classical dances) are performed under the harvest moon.
PLACE / Shurijo Castle UNA Forecourt
TIME / 18:30 – 20:00
INFO / Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
URL TEL 098-886-2020

Itoman Great Tug-of-war

Sep 25th (TUE)
It is Held annually on August 15 of the lunar calendar to pray for a good harvest and a good haul. Everyone can join this tog-of-war.Before the tog-of war, Michi-jyune- will be held. ( Michi-jyune- is a kind of parade)
PLACE / Route 331 ( Between Hakugindo and Itoman Rotary)
TIME / Michi-jyune 14:00~ Tog-of-war 17:15~
INFO / Itoman City Office
TEL 098-840-8137