Okinawa Goya Project 2011

Kevin Maher, U.S. diplomat and former Director of Japanese Affairs, made discriminatory remarks towards the Okinawan people, stating that they are too lazy [to make goya] and accusing them of manipulation and distortion. With that said, this angered many Okinawans, and some people have stood up to prove him wrong. For more information, visit Okinawa Goya Project 2011 website:

DOR39 Founded as a part of Discover Okinawa Promotion Project for Island Tourism, DOR39 collects and displays photos, videos, and other media from voluntary participants with the purpose of sharing their island experiences and bringing more visitors to 39 islands off of Okinawa. For more information, here's an article from Ryukyu Shimpo in English:

Afro-Okinawan Family Network, grits and sushi

I had the pleasure of meeting Mitzi at the Lessons From the Battle of Okinawa symposium held this past weekend in San Francisco. Mitzi is a PhD candidate in the Anthropology Dept at Berkeley. You can read about being blackanese and the Afro-Okinawan Family Network on her website If you are interested in biracial, happa Okinawa Japanese stuff, gritsandsushi is a great starting point.

Adoption in Okinawa, Part 2

This is part two in a series on Adoption in Okinawa. Last article we reviewed information offered by the US bases and an international adoption support group on island. In this installment, we tackle off-base services involved in the legal process of adoption, providing some links to google translated pages.
Topics include;
1) Immigration concerns
2) Legal processes in Japan for adoption
3) Links to Okinawan orphanages.
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Postwar Okinawan Artists

Do you own or know of anyone who owns paintings by Okinawan artists ADANIYA Masayoshi, ASHIMINE Kanemasa, TAMANAHA Seikichi, GUSHUKEN, Itoku and ASHITOMI Chosho? An exhibit of photos and paintings by these artists, who were part of the Nishimui Artists Colony after the war (1948) and who later formed the artist group GONINTEN in the early 50's is slated for early next year in Berkeley, CA. If you are interested in loaning your art pieces for this exhibit please contact Jane Dulay via email: janedulay at

Cultural Links

Ryukyu Culture

Websites on Okinawa Culture and Society LINKS TO OTHER OKINAWAN SITES

Awamori-Kan - A company bringing you Okinawa's favorite liquor, Awamori. Features information and history about the distilled liquor. - A cooperative web effort by a group of individuals.

Okinawa's culture not well-known to outsiders - (November 3, 1995 From Correspondent May Lee) OKINAWA, Japan (CNN) -- Few outsiders know much about Okinawa except that it's Japan's southernmost island. But it's an island that wasn't always a part of Japan and has its own unique culture. Features sound clips, Quicktime multimedia presentation and photos.

RV-Okinawa - Internet media site of Okinawa since 15-November-1996. Listen to RealAudio samples of what's hot in Okinawan music today!

Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko - Drum Group Touring the U.S. from Okinawa: to The Matsuri!  Teaching Discipline, Good Citizenship and Okinawan Culture.

Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko: L.A. Branch - Features a photo gallery and schedule of performances for the Los Angeles branch of the Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko drum group.

ShisaLion.Org Preserving Okinawan Arts and Culture: By Assisting in the Recovery of Okinawan Artifacts from the Ryukyu Kingdom.