Sketches of Myahk

Directed by Koichi Onishi, "Sketches of Myahk" is a documentary film about traditionally inherited chants in praise of God and sacred songs of Miyakojima vanishing in the time. The film received Special Mention by Semaine de la Critique of Locarno International Film Festival 2011. To learn more about the film, go to this link: Makoto Kubota, musican and the film's supervisor, released the album "Sketches of Myahk" under the Blue Asia project to complement the film. Continue reading

Hello SleepWalkers

Looking for some new music late at night to rock to? Hello Sleepwalkers may just be something you are looking for. The somnambulating voice of Shuntaro (vocal & guitar) will definitely soothe your lonely evenings. You may think their musical taste has nothing to do with this website, but guess what, they're a band from Okinawa! From Okinawa hail singers like Amuro Namie, Kuroki Meisa, or Speed, something of mainstream J-POP and R&B. However, this band has created a history for itself, orchestrating an edgy, yet nostalgic and dreamy sound with the oh so wonderful triple guitar (yes that's right, there are 3 guitar players in this band)! There's not much information about them, but I know they're selling their debut single for 500 yen at Tower Records 🙂 Check out their website at:

oki yo! Blog
Two cousins embark on a mission to research the music and culture of the motherland: Okinawa Island, Japan. One a recent high-school graduate in search of like-minded Okinawan indie rockers, one a not-so-recent college graduate in search of the native cultural roots of those modern musicians. Both looking for a way to not enter the workforce for three more months.

Planet Oki

I received this from Michael Monroy and Astro:
wassup yall this is the planet oki homepage. we a movement, we are going to take over the internet world. give okinawa that recognition, where we grew up at. have oki artist uploaded on this page, oki'graff artist, oki dancers, anythin with oki on it is gettin put on here, right now im workin on this page. keep tune check out planet oki's emcees