For those with daring taste buds, toufuyou is a must-eat cuisine only loyal families ate during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. Fermented with jiuqu, moascus purpureus, and awamori, toufuyou is a reddish tofu delicacy, rich like urchin meat (meaning it's creamy and thick). If you've ever tried Chinese fermented bean curd, you have an idea of what it might taste like. Japanese)

Asian ingredients x Okinawan cuisines

Okinawa International Aerial Logistics Hub brings you Okianwan - Asian fusion cuisine recipes: Includes Asian Fishermen's Champuru Pot (Okinawa x Shanghai x China); Chapuru with Okinawan Tofu, Beef, and Kimchi (Okinawa x Korea); Sweet and Sour Champuru Double-Lined Fusilier and Water Spinach (Okinawa x Shanghai); Okinawan Noodle Champuru with Bak Choy (Okinawa x Shanghai); XO Sauce Champuru with Bitter Melon and Mantis Shrimp (Okinawa x Hong Kong); and Cream Champuru with Pineapples and Prawns (Okinawa x Thailand)

Okinawa Suba (Soba)

We usually use commercial Soba (noodle), but home made noodle must be very good, so we would like to introduce how to make home-made noodle as well.

Home-made noodle
Ingredients for noodle for 5 people
Water 200cc, baking soda 1 tablespoon, salt 1 tablespoon, egg 1, hard flour 400g

1) Put baking soda, salt and egg into the bowl and put water a little by little and mix it with eggbeater until mix well.

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Goya Champuru & Hiraya-chi

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Goya Champuru & Hiraya-chi

Narumi arrives at 11:00 A.M. for Art’s kanji lesson. She carries a bag of groceries and has her 7 year old son with her. We’re delighted that she has brought her son and in spite of the age difference the two boys have a good time together. John shows off his beetle “Frack” and they play “Mario Brothers” on a Nintendo D.S. game console that he has brought along. Narumi shows John how to play their version of solitaire and the two boys play cards. After the kanji lesson I get a cooking lesson.
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shoyu pork
Recipe by Chef Steve Yamada
Owner and Chef of Restaurant Kariyushi

3-4 pounds pork shoulder
1 cup pork stock or combination of pork and chicken stock
1 cup bonito stock
1 cup soy sauce 

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Uchina nantu

Uchina nantu

Okinawa Mochi

Recipe by:Ruth Matsuda 

4 cups mochiko
3 cups water
1 3/4 cups sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
food coloring (optional)

Mix mochiko, water, and salt until smooth.  Pour into double thickness


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