Tonaki Island footlights win Public Design Award

The Japan Urban Design Institute recognized the Village Road Route 1 footlights of Tonaki Island with the Block Division Prize of the 1st Public Design Award. According to an article in Okinawa Times, the village first started to set footlights from 2000 to 2005. The 152 lights along the 765 meter long road create a magical atmosphere, illuminating the coral stone walls and Okianwan red-tiled roofs under the starry sky. Tourists who stay in the traditional houses can enjoy the nature safely at night, thanks to the hearty footlights. Continue reading

Ishigaki Island web site

I'm a British guy who has moved to the island of Ishigaki with my Japanese
wife. I'm currently building a website about the island. I've only been
doing it for a couple of months so far, but so far it's progressing quite
well. --Richard

Ishigaki island is part of the Yaeyama archipelago and its city is the southernmost of all cities in Japan. Despite being part of the prefecture of Okinawa, Ishigaki city is located 411km from its capital, Naha city.

Kerama, Tokashiki, Zamami Islands

The Keramas include the islands of Tokashiki, Zamami, Aka, and Geruma and a number of smaller uninhabited islands. The governing structure divide them among Tokashiki Village and Zamami Village, which also includes Aka and Geruma islands.
The small island villages preserve the flavor of Okinawan village life and the beaches are better than those on the main island. The ferries to these islands is less than $30 round trip and is probably one of the gread bargains of Okinawa travel. Humpback whales are visible during the January to April.