C1 Gourmet Battle

The 6th Annual B1 Grand Prix Gourmet Battle was held in Himeji, November 12th and 13th. The B1 Grand Prix started to revitalize towns in local areas, and it has become one of the most popular events of the year. Thousands gather from across the nation to participate in the event, as exhibitors or visitors eating different kinds of B1 (cheap but delicious) food. Now then, what is the C1 Gourmet Battle? The C1 Gourmet Battle, in its second year, took place on the exact same day as the B1 Grand Prix. Restaurants from Chatan (that's where the C is from) competed against each other for the title of the best food in the area. http://www.chatan.or.jp/?p=143 http://www.japanupdate.com/?id=11580