Tour de Okinawa 2011

For all the cyclists out there, an exciting event will take place this weekend (November 12th and 13th) in Nago City. Tour de Okinawa, consisting of Citizen Road Race, Citizen Touring, and International Road Race, will not be your average bicycle competition, but it will hold tons of activities everyone can enjoy as the cyclists ride through the most beautiful parts of Okinawa. Unfortunately, registration ended September 30th, but I sure hope to write about this more next year. After all, I definitely cannot miss out on the mama-chari* and unicycle races taking place simultaneously. * For those of you who do not know what a mama-chari is, you could directly translate it as "mommy bike." They are the bicycles with baskets in front which you see most Japanese women (especially mothers) riding. Chari is somewhat vulgar slang for bike, deriving from the sound that these bikes make: "charin - charin!"