International Comic Festival recognizes Susumu Higa from Okinawa

The Article about this news on Okinawa Times in Japanese: Susumu Higa's "Soldats de Sable (砂の剣)”was nominated in the Prix du meilleur album section of the 39th Angoulême International Comics Festival held in France next year. Although Higa shows some mixed feelings since this work was created over 10 years ago, he says he is honored to be recognized by the international community. The International Comics Festival is world renowned and considered prestigious in the world of cartooning. Soldats de Sable (Sword of Sand in English) tells a story about injustice of the Battle of Okinawa. First published in 1995, Higa hopes his work will convey messages about Okinawa to the world. Higa's other works, "Mabui," "Kajimunugatai," "Akkusu," and "Miyarabi Monogatari" also illustrate the hardships of Okinawa.

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    I have no idea whether they are related or not since Higa is a common last name in Okinawa, but I suppose there is always a possibility.

    There is also a different Higa-san, Higa Yasuo, who became a photographer to document Okinawa’s history, culture, and people. His decision to become a photographer came when he encountered a B52 aircraft crash at Kadena Air Force Base in 1968.

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