Want to make a few bucks? Catch the Taiwan Sujio!

The Taiwan Sujio, or the beauty rat snake, is yellow-ish oliver colored with small and cute, black eyes (some people even keep them as pets). They're not poisonous but considered  as dangerous alien species because they feed on birds and small animals which threatens the ecosystem and biodiversity in Okinawa. The Ministry of Environment Naha's Regional Office said they will pay 10,000 yen in exchange of the snake until March 10th, 2012. Officials do not know the exact estimate of the numbers of Taiwan Sujio (a friend from Okinawa said he has never seen them before, but I guess they are sneaky in their slithering ways) but wanted locals to learn about their existence and harm to the environment. In order to get paid, you must first register. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, take a look at the Okinawan news sites here (sorry, they are in Japanese):



But please be careful. Although the beauty rat snakes are not poisonous, there are tons of habus in Okinawa that could kill you in an instant... don't mistake the two!

note: just in case... I am not promoting catching the Taiwan Sujio in anyway.