Adoption in Okinawa, Part 1

The adoption of a child is a very important and intense process to consider, let alone pursue. And stepping outside of the political and cultural borders of whichever country the prospective parent is a citizen, probably doubles the anxiety.

Likewise, birth parents of any child given up for adoption perhaps have an anxiety of their own. Let’s face it, children bring anxiety. Obviously if that was all there was about having and raising kids, there wouldn’t be much adoption. My point in all this is to remind us, (to prospective adoptive parents), that the gift of nurturing children should be well worth any anxiety we parents suffer.

This article will help get the motions started for those of us who wish to adopt a child, and specifically share some links to English speaking organizations already active in this passion.

On base, and ‘available’ to all Military ID holders, is the MCCS (Marine Corps Community Services) Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).

They also put on the International Adoption Workshop quarterly.

This is mostly geared towards the military community. In addition to EFMP themselves, Military Legal Services, and New Parent Support normally participate. Also, both the U.S. Consulate (for U.S. citizens/legal residents) as well as the Okinawa Adoption Support Group are represented. The Okinawa Adoption Support Group is a group whose members have successfully adopted throughout Asia. They offer advice to other members still in the process of adopting, as well as fellowship at get-togethers, etc…. They have a Yahoo Group site at,

Tune in to the next installment on this series as we research the Japanese side of the adoption laws and other issues.