Iejima Handuguwa (伊江島ハンドー小)

Written by Yukou Majikina (真境名由康),Iejima Handuguwa (伊江島ハンドー小)is an Okinawan play considered as one of the three tragic love stories of Okinawa along with Okuyama no Botan (奥山の牡丹) and Toumaiahkah (泊阿嘉). The story takes place 180 years ago in Iejima. A deputy landlord's son, Kanah-hee, traveled to Hentona in mainland Okinawa where he falls in love with a beautiful girl named Handuguwa. However, Kanah-hee's uncle forces him back to Iejima, splitting the two. Depressed and unable to forget Kanah-hee, Handuguwa travels to Iejima, but a boatman on board warns Handuguwa not to go and looks after her. However, Handuguwa decides to see Kanah-hee, only to find out out that he was a man with a wife and child. Brushed off coldly by Kanah-hee, Handuguwa falls into despair and hangs herself with her black hair in a forest, now known as Shimamuraya Memorial Park. Ever since then, Handuguwa's ghost haunted Kanah-hee's family for generations. On the other hand, the boatman, who sympathized with Handuguwa, and his descendants became prosperous. At Shimamuraya Memorial Park, not only will you find a statue of Handuguwa, but there is also a History Museum where you can learn about Iejima. The Museum is opened from 9AM to 5PM every day, 400 yen for adults and 300 yen for children. Useful/Related Links: -Shimamuraya Memorial Park - About Okinawa Shibai (Okinawan Plays) in Japanese -Overall information about Okinawan Performing Arts in English