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This book was written by Dr. (medical) and Prof. Kazuhiko Taira, Department of Tourism at Ryukyu University (former National University). As written in the title, this tome takes the fact that Okinawa Prefecture is the longevity capital (prefecture or state) of the world, and attributes this fact to something that we can learn from older people.

In general, in any endeavor, a good place to start planning for success is naturally to interview, investigate, and analysis those whom have already succeeded. And this is exactly what Dr. Taira provides. As stated in the opening Introduction to this book, he writes,
`We have got tomes of research result, which tests have been publicized in various academic conferences while they also have been published as reports and original scientific papers began in idea of publishing our research result and easy and friendly leading for ordinary citizen I think it is our mission to the University to continuously published the research results and to benefit (the) healthy life of citizens.’
As promised in his introduction, I found the book fairly easy to read. Although the book is bi-lingual, it is obvious that its primary audience is the Okinawan and Japanese public. The parts that weren’t as ‘easy to read’ did not stem from difficult ‘scientific jargon’, but just those forgiving phrases that didn’t translate over into English quiet right.
The layout and presentation was very straightforward and easy to follow. The book is written more as a manual of sorts. The in-depth table-of-contents makes it easy to find just what you’re looking for.
The content is really a case study of a northern village in northern Okinawa called, O-gimi son (village). The book scientifically reveals what about this population of 3,500 produce; ‘over 5- centurions, 100 people over 90, and nearly 400 people over 80….’
It’s really enjoyable reading and is possible to take away bits of ‘wisdom…, learnt from Grandma’ applicable in your daily life. Who knows, maybe you could become a ‘grandma’ or ‘grandpa` to someone special, helping them to increase not only the length, but also quality of life. Wise ole’ King Solomon wrote of wisdom.
‘Blessed is the man who finds
the man who gains
for she is more profitable than
and yields better returns than
Proverbs 3:13-14
I give “Wisdom of Health, Learnt from Grandma”, 5 out of 5 stars.