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Kadena Air Force Base - Helpful information for Military families stationed in Kadena AFB, Okinawa.

Kadena Air Base - Kadena Air Base stationed in Okinawa.

United States Marine Corps bases Okinawa

1st Marine Aircraft Wing
31st Marine Expeditionary Unit
3rd Marine Division
3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade
3rd Marine Logistics Group
III Marine Expeditionary Force
Marine Air Control Group 18
Marine Air Control Squadron 4
Marine Corps Base Camp Butler
Marine Wing Communications Squadron 18

Welcome to Okinawa, Japan - Provides useful information to American military families stationed in Okinawa.

Kume Jima - A recollection of the 623rd AC&W Squadron, U.S.A.F. and the beautiful sub-tropical island of Kume Jima Okinawa, Japan.

Okinawa: The Last Battle written by US Army historians.

International Cemetery in Okinawa

Okinawa: The American Years - Find biographical essays, a chronology of events, photos, annotated bibliographies, and sites related to the American occupation of Okinawa.

Goodbye US Marine Project - Website by the Japan Coalition on the US Military Bases. The opening phrase on their website proclaims, "Welcome to our country if you come here without guns and bombs!" The coalition promotes the withdrawal of U.S. troops and bases from mainland Japan and Okinawa.

Okinawa Peace Network of Los Angeles - The mission of this website is to provide ongoing updates on Okinawans (Uchinanchu) throughout the world, to provide updates on the anti-U.S. Military Movement in Okinawa, to support the indigenous Uchinanchu and other struggles of self-determination and national sovereignty, and to consciously link the struggle of Uchinanchu with anti-imperialist struggles around the world.

Okinawa Prefecture - This is the official website of the Okinawa Prefecture.  This site offers travel guides, government activities and information regarding the U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa.