Hello SleepWalkers

Looking for some new music late at night to rock to? Hello Sleepwalkers may just be something you are looking for. The somnambulating voice of Shuntaro (vocal & guitar) will definitely soothe your lonely evenings. You may think their musical taste has nothing to do with this website, but guess what, they're a band from Okinawa! From Okinawa hail singers like Amuro Namie, Kuroki Meisa, or Speed, something of mainstream J-POP and R&B. However, this band has created a history for itself, orchestrating an edgy, yet nostalgic and dreamy sound with the oh so wonderful triple guitar (yes that's right, there are 3 guitar players in this band)! There's not much information about them, but I know they're selling their debut single for 500 yen at Tower Records 🙂 Check out their website at: http://hellosleepwalkers.com/#top