Profiles of Ryukyuan Music i – Ryoshin Kuwae

Profiles of Giants of the Ryukyuan Music Performing Arts
Ryoshin Kuwae (1831-1914)
Master Teacher of Nomura Ryu(Style) (uta-sanshin)
Born December 12th, 1831. He was a student of Ansho Nomura. In 1866, he participated in the last sapposhi、on May 4th, 1853 (Sho Tai 4) as a singer/sanshin performer.

In the 5th year of Sho Tai, on the 5th of September, 1854, for his meritorious (uta-sanshin) service to the Ryukyuan king, Master Kuwae received; 1perfumed ball, 1 bar of calligraphy ink, 2 calligraphy pens, 1 fan, and 1 hanging scroll. Also the following year (Sho Tai 6th year) on March 16th he received 2 fans from the king.
He instructed many accomplished sanshin performers. Among them are; Gaja Hidemasu, Eirei, Shiroma, Choei Kobashigawa, Teruya, and Yaka. In the annals of history, Master Kuwae`s most significant contribution to Ryukyuan music is the tutoring of Isagawa Seizui, the chief editor of todays version of Nomura Ryu Classical Music Association`s KunKunShi.
Master Kuwae`s uta-sanshin legacy today is preserved through the study and performances of the following organizations;
Classical RyukyuanMusicNomuraSchool Music Association, Established 1924
Classical RyukyuanMusicNomuraSchool Classical Music Preservation Committee, Established 1955
Classical RyukyuanMusicNomuraSchool Matsumura Togenkai, Established 1960
Classical RyukyuanMusicNomuraSchool Traditional Music Association, Established 1982
Master Kuwae passed on July 9th, 1914.