Profiles of Ryukyuan Music j – Seizui Isagawa

Profiles of Giants of the Ryukyuan Music Performing Arts

Seizui Isagawa (1872-1937)

Master Teacher of Nomura Ryu (Style) and editor of Nomura Ryu KunKunShi (uta-sanshin)

Born Febrary 28th, 1872, in Kume, Naha City. At age 36, he entered Master Ryoshin Kuwae`s school in 1908.

Fourteen years later, in 1921, he created the Seisui club. In 1924 created the Nomura School Music Association and was its first chairman. Groups including Master Isagawa in their organizational lineage include;

Classical Ryukyuan Music Nomura School Music Association (Established 1924)

Classical Ryukyuan Music Nomura School Classical Music Preservation Committee (Established 1955)

Classical Ryukyuan Music Nomura School Traditional Music Association (Established in 1982)

In addition to helping to establish the Classical Ryukyuan Music Nomura School Music Association, he helped to spread the beauty of Ryukyuan Music to the masses by performing on the radio as well as producing records. Over the years he had recording contracts first with; Nippon (Japan) Records in 1929, Columbia Records in 1931, and again with Columbia in 1936.

Master Isagawa`s accomplishments also edited Nomura Ryu`s KunKunShi, along with Kunio Seirei, adding the vocal musical score for the first time in Ryukyuan classical music; A great tool and accomplishment for the preservation and instruction of the classic Uta(song) part of the uta-sanshin heritage.

Master Isagawa passed on March 3rd in 1937.