Profiles of Ryukyuan Music l – Seiki Yamauchi

Yamauchi Seiki (1842-1916)

 Seiki Yamauchi was born July 20th, 1842. He was a senior and high level student of Ansho Nomura. Master Yamauchi participated in the editing of the Kantei KunKunShi (also known as Nomura Ryu KunKunShi).

This makes him a historically significant predecessor of those who contemporarily study the art of Nomura Ryu uta-sanshin.

He also is a very significant teacher of another style. This style’s name is Tansui Ryu. He and Matsumura sensei along with three other students went to Ryosho Nago to learn this important historical style. After mastering the seven pieces that were remembered by Master Nago, Seiki Yamauch and ShinShin Matsumura, edited the compilation into the Tansui Ryu (style) KunKunShi in

Among his students was his grandson, Seihin Yamanouchi, who himself was an accomplished uta-sanshin musician/teacher as well as musicologist.

Musical organizations benefiting from the work of Seiki Yamauchi are;

Classical Ryukyuan Music Nomura School Music Association (Established 1924)

Classical Ryukyuan Music Nomura School Classical Music Preservation Committee (Established 1955)and

Classical Ryukyuan Music Tansui Style Preservation Association.

Yamauchi Sensei passed on April 27th, 1916,