Okinawa Suba (Soba)

We usually use commercial Soba (noodle), but home made noodle must be very good, so we would like to introduce how to make home-made noodle as well.

Home-made noodle
Ingredients for noodle for 5 people
Water 200cc, baking soda 1 tablespoon, salt 1 tablespoon, egg 1, hard flour 400g

1) Put baking soda, salt and egg into the bowl and put water a little by little and mix it with eggbeater until mix well.

2) And prepare another bowl and put hard flour into it. And mix 1) into 2) little by little like making bread until it becomes earlobe hardness.
3) And then knead 2) on the cutting board about 20 minutes. And wrap it and set dough 2 hours at room temperature.
4) Divide dough to 5 pieces. Sprinkle starch on dough and Take 1 piece and spread it with rolling pin until 1to 2mm. And fold it and cut it thin.
5) Put some salt into boiling water and put noodle (soba) into it as well about 2 minutes.
6) And drain it in a colander and put some oil on it to prevent from sticking.

Process of noodle is done now. Next is for soup and topping.

Ingredients for soup for 5 people
Pork soup 10cups, bonito flakes 30g, salt 2tablespoon, and soy sauce 2tablespoon

1) Bring pork soup 10cups and bonito freaks 30g to a boil. When it boils, turn off the heat and add salt and soy sauce.

Ingredients for topping for 5 people
Pork belly 200g, sugar 3tablespoon, soy sauce 3 tablespoon, awamori (sake) 3 tablespoon
Fish sausage 10pieces, green onion some, pickled ginger some

1) After boiling the whole pork bally, slice it 1cm. And put sugar, soy sauce and awamori (sake) mix together into a pan and put sliced pork bally. And boil it down until it dresses with sauce.
2) Chop the green onions
3) Put some noodle (soba) and soup into bowl and decollate 2pieces sliced pork bally, 2pieces fish sausage, some green onion and some pickled ginger. You can add some red pepper if you like. Ole!