Northern Okinawa itinerary

Northern Okinawa itinerary.
Okinawa north of the Yomitan Pennisula is sparsely inhabited compared to crowded Naha. Attractions include the beaches and resorts of Onna, Cape Manzamo, the city of Nago, Motobu pennisula with Ocean Expo Park and Churaumi Aquarium, and Nakajin Castle ruins. The area north of Nago is undeveloped mountain country commonly called Yanbaru containing Hiji Falls, Pineapple Park and Hedo, the northern most point of Okinawa.

Getting there: There are a number of Tour bus packages that depart from the Naha Bus Terminal and cost about 5500 Yen per adult. The tours don't always include admission to all venues.

The Okinawa Expressway toll road will halve the time driving from Naha to Nago (about 1000 yen per car) but you'll miss the drive up the Onna coast.