Tea at Shurijo Castle

Okinawa tea and sweets Okinawan Tea and sweets for just 300 yen in the "Sasuno-ma" (a room used by princes to host meetings with government officials) at Shurijo Castle. The participants are first escorted into the room with the view of a beautiful garden built with Ryukyu limestones. This garden is not only outstanding, but is also the one and only garden amongst the gusukus in Okinawa. After an explanation about the history of Shurijo Castle and what they're serving, the servers then bring sanpin (jasmine) tea with Okinawan sweets. The Tsuboyayaki cup, Okinawan lacquered saucer and tray along with the serene atmosphere become essential in creating a gracious moment in your visit to the Shurijo Castle.

Location: Sasuno-ma in Shurijo Castle (15 minute walk from the Yui Monorail Shurijo Castle Station) Hours: 9:30 ~18:00 (Last Order at 17:30) Price: 300 yen (* separate from the 800 yen admission fee to Shurijo Castle)