China Air Flight Up in Flames

Monday morning on the 20th of August has brought Okinawa back into the

world spotlight.  This time is for the unhappy reason of the China

Airlines flight number 52 bursting into flames after parking at the


The fire seams to have started after one of engines of the Boing 737-

800 exploded.  As the cabin started filling with smoke, all of the

passengers were taken to safety via the emergency exits.  It has been

widely reported that 1 pilot, 2 cabin attendants and 1 cargo person

suffered minor cuts, which were administered to at the airport.  Two

passengers were taken to Tomigusuku Central Hospital for monitoring. 

In addition, 3 Japan Self-Defense Force members as well as 1

Firefighter were treated for signs of heat stroke.


The cause of the fire is under investegation, however perliminary

reports cite a fuel leak as a primary cause of the cabin fire.