Okinawa Oden

Winter is here, and tis the season to crave for oden in Japan. Boiled eggs, daikon radish, potatoes, devil's tongue, and fish cakes soaked with soy-based dashi broth bring smiles to people's faces across the country. Regional variations exist, but Okinawa oden is its own kind. Okinawa oden's main ingredient is tebichi (or pig's feet). If pig's feet sounds somewhat unappealing, remember about the collagen in it which softens your skin and helps prevent spots and wrinkles on your face (not to mention it's also very delicious). Okinawa oden differs from mainland Japan because it also includes green veggies such as lettuce, bok choy, spinach, and Chinese water spinach. Here is a link (in Japanese) to stores in Okinawa that serves oden: