Ryujin Mabuyer – The Okinawan Super Hero

There are many superheroes in Japan, like Ultraman, but check this out... Ryujin Mabuyer, an Okinawan based superhero, to the rescue! He is to protect the Mabui Stones from the evil Majimun gang along with his pals, Ryujin Ganasea and Ohjin Kanamie. Ryujin Mabuyer is special not only because it is produced in Okinawa, but it celebrates Okinawan culture, religion, and nature within the content of the show also. The show includes uchinaguchi from time to time, helping children learn what words like agagaga! or chaaganjyuu mean. The popularity of Ryujin Mabuyer is beyond being a local superhero but becoming an icon for Okinawa. What a great program for Okinawan kids to grow up on! On Ryukyu Broadcasting Company every Saturday @ 10:25AM Learn more about Ryujin Mabuyer Here: www.mabuyer.com/ There's also an English website! Lovely: http://www.mabuyer.com/en/